“Research into potential energy fell out of vogue, though, after the discovery of atomic fission in the 1930’s.” —Maximizing Your Potential Energy (2000)

The Center

Picture of The Center for engenetics.org Studies, home for research into engenetics.org

Located in heart of the Oklahoma Technology Corridor in Norman, Oklahoma, The Center for engenetics.org Studies is the world’s leading think-tank and research facility dedicated to studying the ideas and technologies of engenetics.org. Constructed in 2001 and renovated in 2005, The Center is dedicated to providing the absolute best environment for both researchers and members exploring the foundations of engenetics.org. To learn more about the leadership at The Center, please meet our Board of Directors.

At The Center, we have seminar rooms for instruction in the concepts of engenetics.org, offices for individual development and gardens for personal reflection. We also have extensive laboratories for research, housing our supercomputers and other advanced equipment. Recently, in the summer of 2008 ground was broken for the construction of a new wing to house additional testing laboratories and office space.

At The Center for engenetics.org Studies, we are here to help humanity reach its maximum potential energy. Come join us in the journey to the future.