Have Heart–The Struggle Continues

This past year has been extremely difficult for all of us at The Center for engenetics.org Studies, and for Dr. M. E. Tabyánan most of all. As we look forward to the coming year, The Doctor asked that we publish a communiqué to all of his members and followers about the struggle we all face, and his resolve to continue the fight.

Here is his message, in full:

Greetings, members and friends of engenetics.org. The past year has seen a tremendous amount of upheaval in our community. We have been attacked. We have been persecuted. We have been denigrated. But we have not broken.

Make no mistake–the struggle is real, friends. It is real. The attacks upon us are organized, systematic and with full intent. But we will not give in.

I pledge to all of you to fight back–to persevere. And we will win! Through the darkness of the night, we will win!

So take heart, friends. We have plans of our own. The struggle will continue–and those who would crush us will feel the sting of failure. For science and history are on our side. We will prevail!

Although he remains in hiding, the fight against his enemies continues.

Director of Planning & Operations. Mr. McColt received degrees from MIT and Cal Tech in biotechnology and political science. He has been with Dr. M. E. Tabyánan for over 20 years, and was instrumental in the founding of The Center for engenetics.org Studies.

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