Entropic Resonances and the Foundations of Biopsychic Warfare

Entropic Resonances and the Foundations of Biopsychic Warfare

This edition of The Doctor’s Notes discusses an issue that is extremely important to us all: the possible use of entropic resonances and other psychic energy technologies as a form of biopsychic warfare. While these technologies are currently theoretical and not proven, the potential exists for a new kind of warfare. This warfare could possibly be a new weapon of mass destruction, and research should be banned.

Entropic Resonances and Psychic Energy

While a few skeptics still deny it, it is a basic scientific fact that all intelligent creatures exhibit psychic energy. This energy manifests itself in the form of various shells around the individual’s Heisenberg center, and are commonly known as quantum levels.

It has also been proven that this biopsychic energy can be transferred between individuals, and back and forth through time. This energy is transferred through what is known as entropic resonances.

Entropic resonances are highly complex phenomena, tying individuals together in transient states but also tying individuals to groups. Entropic resonances also form a bridge for psychic energy between individuals and the past–and the future. Entropic resonances even for a connection to the vast pool of psychic energy known as the entropic energy collective.

Psychic Combat?

What does this mean? Simply this: not only is the psychic energy of an individual linked in various ways to others through entropic resonances, that psychic energy can be controlled by others. And that control will have a direct impact on the physical health of that individual.

By causing a large spike or drop in the total biopsychic energy of the other individual, one could cause lasting physical harm in the other.

Consider that for a moment. With the proper technology and training, one individual could control the psychic energy–the quantum levels–of another. By causing a large spike or drop in the total psychic energy of the other individual, one could cause lasting physical harm in the other, possibly even death.

Even more alarming, is the possibility of controlled changes in the quantum levels of the other individual. By changing the configurations of the other individual’s quantum levels, one could–theoretically–cause changes in behavior that may be extremely dangerous. This is the foundation for psychic warfare.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Now take this possibility to the next level. What could be done to one individual could also be done to larger groups. This could even be done to individuals or groups at other points in time. With enough energy and the proper technologies, this form of warfare becomes much more possible–and more likely.

It is obvious that biopsychic warfare is the next form of mass destruction. What makes this form of combat so insidious is not just the possibility of mass mind control or destruction, but also that attacks can be made through time.

The Danger Is Real

While much of this technology is purely theoretical at this point and definitely not proven, the mathematics are sound with supporting empirical evidence. Initial research into this field has also proven that the danger is real. The current state of knowledge about biopsychic warfare is very limited, but how long will it stay that way?

As with nuclear weapons, not all governments or groups are willing to use these technologies for beneficial purposes. Once an idea is possible, it is not long before it becomes probable and eventually fact.

The energies required to conduct psychic warfare on large scales are not available yet, and the technology to control it is absolutely not available yet. Still, how long will it take before these are available?

Support Our Call To Ban Research Into Psychic Warfare

To be clear: the works by engenetics.org are emphatically for the betterment of all Humanity. As with any technology, though, the possibility exists for misuse. As a species and a society we must prevent that at all costs.

I urge all of you to join me in my efforts to ban research into biopsychic warfare at all levels. We must make a stand for ourselves and our future. If we do not decide our future–it will be decided for us. Please, please contact your elected officials and convince them to stop this dangerous research.

I also ask you all to contact your local engenetics.org representative to see what you can do to support our own efforts to bring awareness to everyone about this critical issue. Remember: only you can help make our future a reality–today! Ω

Dr. M. E. Tabyánan
Executive Director and Founder
The Center for engenetics.org Studies

This edition of The Doctor’s Notes was originally published in April, 2015.

Executive Director and Founder. As the founder and visionary leader of engenetics.org, Dr. M. E. Tabyánan is the brains of The Center. With a doctorate in biotechnology from MIT and degrees in pyschology, parapsychology, physics and engineering from the Hiedelburg Institute in Berlin, Dr. M. E. Tabyánan leads the world in the study of the field of engenetics.org.

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