Hacking Personal Firewalls

Hacking Personal Firewalls

This edition of The Doctor’s Notes covers an issue of paramount importance: personal firewalls. Personal firewalls are a vital component to every individual’s mental health, using different methods to filter unwanted psychic energy in the form of entropic resonances. Entropic resonances transmit energy between individuals and through time, including some forms of information. This information transfer affects the self identity of the individual, plus the ability of the individual to identify other individuals at an unconscious level. Personal firewalls help control and manipulate this energy, leading to improvements in individual mental balance and health. With advanced research at The Center for engenetics.org Studies, we have now begun to unlock important secrets of personal firewalls–and what they mean to you.

Understanding Personal Firewalls

In order to understand these phenomena, we must first understand personal firewalls. Personal firewalls are present in all humans, at varying levels of strengths and capabilities. Focused around the individual’s Heisenberg center, personal firewalls protect against unwanted changes of psychic energy in the individual’s quantum levels. Because quantum levels or “states” determine emotions and more importantly emotional reactions in a given situation, protecting against unwanted changes is a foundation for ensuring mental stability.

Because quantum levels or ‘states’ determine emotions and more importantly emotional reactions in a given situation, protecting against unwanted changes is a foundation for ensuring mental stability.

Personal firewalls themselves have three methods of filtering unwanted energy: quantum energy packet filtering; stateful filtering; and consciousness layer filtering. In the first case, the energy that is exchanged between individuals is blocked at its most atomic level: that of the quantum or “packet” level. Packets of psychic energy are either blocked or allowed to transfer based solely on the control of the personal firewall. If the firewall is strong, packets from undesirable sources are blocked, while weak firewalls all unwanted negative energy through. This is less than desirable.

In the case of stateful filtering, not only are packets filtered, but also the energy stream that the packets are part of is evaluated as well. By filtering this way, sources can be evaluated along with the kind of energy being transferred. Stateful filtering explains how individuals may allow criticism from friends, for example, that they would not allow from strangers. This requires a much higher level of control of the individual’s personal firewall, which can only be developed through intensive education and training in the field of engenetics.org.

By far the most important filtering of the personal firewall is that of consciousness filtering. Consciousness filtering takes place on the conscious layer or the “self-aware” part of the personal firewall that the individual has actual conscious control over. All other filtering takes place at the subconscious level, which only extensive training can influence. The consciousness layer, on the other hand, is that part of the individual’s mind of which the individual is continually aware. Consciousness filtering is controlled by the higher brain functions, including the higher orders of the psychological mind. Without the consciousness filtering, the human mind would resemble that of lower animals that only react on instinct, such as lizards.

Quite obviously this energy can have huge positive–and negative–impacts on the psychic well-being of the individual.

Roles and Responsibilities

With this understanding of the various aspects of the personal firewall, it is critical to have a fundamental understanding of what role the personal firewall performs, and how it prevents the individual from various psychic attacks. At their most atomic level, personal firewalls protect the individual from unwanted entropic resonant energy while allowing positive energy to be transferred. This is done by controlling the way that the individual’s quantum levels accept or deny the psychic energy quantum packets that are transferred via entropic resonances from other individuals and through time. Quite obviously this energy can have huge positive–and negative–impacts on the psychic well-being of the individual.

One other important function of personal firewalls is to perform what is known as identification translation. Taking place on the quantum packet level, identification translation allows the human mind to determine internally the identity of others around them–and whether they know them at all. It goes without saying that this translation can be confused–spoofed, if you will, into thinking that the entropic energy source is coming from a known source (normal Gustavian identification translation). In some cases, this will cause the individual to mistakenly “feel” that they know someone, when in reality, they are under psychic attack.

Attacks Through Negative Energy

These psychic attacks can come in many forms as well. One of the basic attacks that individuals face every day is that of information spoofing, also known as lying. In this attack, the quantum energy is transferred (along with information) between individuals. The attack occurs when one individual attempts to transfer negative energy while intentionally communicating false information.

A similar form of psychic attack occurs in the form of communication hijacking. This form of attack occurs when the individual is flooded with a broadcast of entropic energy with false or misleading information. Otherwise known as propaganda, this attack is very insidious on many levels, especially since it can only be prevented by the joint use of stateful and consciousness filtering. Unfortunately, in today’s modern society individuals are being constantly bombarded with communication hijacking attacks. This must be guarded against in order to help ensure independence of thought and low negative entropic resonance.

By far the most prevalent form of attack comes in the form of denial-of-consciousness attacks.

By far the most prevalent form of attack comes in the form of denial-of-consciousness attacks. In these attacks, an individual attempts to drain the target of all their psychic energy. By effectively being blasted by the attacker on the conscious layer, the individual begins to lose quantum energy at the lower psychic levels that affect the physical body. In extreme cases, this form of attack can lead to unconsciousness–and even death. Generally these attacks are not that serious, and usually involve someone telling the individual a long story about their childhood, what they did on their vacation or some other boring topic. A more general form of attack can occur when groups of individuals are involved, such as in meetings. These attacks are known as distributed denial-of-consciousness attacks, or DDOC, and can be just as deadly as individual attacks.

Psychic Combat!

In order to combat these psychic attacks, individuals have a number of tools available to them. One the most important is that of a Heisenberg proxy. The Heisenberg proxy is a manifestation of the individual’s Heisenberg center, and helps individuals maintain their sense of identity in both psychological and social contexts. Maintaining a strong sense of identity is extremely important in preventing energy loss due to entropy, either due to attacks or due to ambient entropic decay. Through the focused use of a Heisenberg proxy, an individual can maintain control of their Heisenberg center–and their personal firewall. A strong personal firewall will therefore prevent loss of any energy that is caused through entropic resonant loss. Obviously this will lead to better mental balance and improved physical health.

Knowledge is the Key

Even with the knowledge of these risks and how to combat them that have been gained through hard work over time, much remains to learn. And that is where you, my friends, can help. Research involves experimentation and extensive computer modeling. All of this is very expensive. So I am asking you to donate what you can to help engenetics.org learn more about this extremely important subject. Remember, only you can help make the future a reality–today! Ω

Dr. M. E. Tabyánan
Executive Director and Founder
The Center for engenetics.org Studies

This edition of The Doctor’s Notes was originally published in December 2006.

Executive Director and Founder. As the founder and visionary leader of engenetics.org, Dr. M. E. Tabyánan is the brains of The Center. With a doctorate in biotechnology from MIT and degrees in pyschology, parapsychology, physics and engineering from the Hiedelburg Institute in Berlin, Dr. M. E. Tabyánan leads the world in the study of the field of engenetics.org.

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